Reflections: The Best is Yet to Come…

“The best is yet to come!”

These are the words I heard just as my head was hitting the pillow last night. I looked at the clock…3am.

I had just gotten home from a wonderful New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service with my pastor and his wife (I love these people as if they were my own parents) at a friend’s church in Canton. I had been asked to do a solo and God, true to form, didn’t reveal the song He wanted me to sing until I got there. 

Two weeks before found me researching  “New Year’s Eve” themed Worship songs, going through my song book, and of course, praying. And all I kept hearing was “raw”…no accompaniment, no music, no nada. Ah, yes, we have been here before! Nothing I tried was working out! “Eh, I’ll come back to that later”. If I hadn’t been so busy, I would have been extremely frustrated! But He wanted me to be focused on HIM and not distracted by the details. Had it been up to me, I would have had the song picked, music laid out, accompaniment etc. at least a week ahead of time.  So, why the last-minute revelation?

Trust… He wants us to trust Him to come through even up to the final hour. He knows the things that cause us anxiety. He knows the things in our hearts and minds that are not fully surrendered that once given to Him, bring another victory in one more area of our flesh that is so weak. Satan wants to keep us in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear because he hates our relationship with God. If he can succeed in getting us all distracted by superfluous details or wrapped up in ourselves, he wins…because we’ve lost our focus. To be able to trust Him to give not my chosen song, but HIS song when the time was right means GET OUT OF THE WAY. Because it’s all about Him anyway. He wants HIS thumbprint, not mine. To usher in His presence in such a way that will touch and move whoever is on the receiving end and ultimately point them to Him…and THAT is the desire of my heart.

“The best is yet to come!”

I’d spent the earlier part of the day going through my journal entries from the past year and made a list of the most important highs and lows for each month.  As I reflected, I saw how everything tied together and some things that had been spoken came to fruition in later months.

God weaves our lives in such a way that you can see past, present, and future all in one spot. Woven work represents promises fulfilled. Then you have the thread that has been woven into the past, is in the process of a new “stitch”, and will continue into the future masterpiece. He reveals things, then takes us into a process of preparation, then takes us into the place of manifestation. Some things finish, some things always will be, and some things have yet to be revealed.

Although 2013 was one of the most stressful years I’ve experienced, still some things remain unspoken. And…the best is yet to come!

best is yet


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