Called to Excellence: Salt of the Earth

“If we know, we must go.” – Chuck Swindoll

I love Charles Swindoll. Every weekday workday, Chuck graces my ears from the Moody Radio Player to my headphones with yet another one of his beautiful and inspiring messages.  This weeks message was rather poignant in regards to the circumstances surrounding it.

This is a subject that seems to be coming up everywhere lately. I’ve been wanting to write about this, but every time I try to put it off, whoop, there it is! Right back in my face again. So, I can only gather that the Lord does not want me to let this one go.

Excellence…as Christians, we don’t strive for perfection. We know that the world’s definition of flawlessness is perfectly and unattainably imperfect. Oh good gracious…even thinking about writing the content for this article is making me sigh…I know…not very positive, right? It’s not that I’m not passionate about this subject. Quite the contrary, actually. It’s just that this subject can be well…exhausting. Why? It’s simple…it takes effort.

Excellence means performing to the best of your ability…at all times…on all occassions…even when you don’t “feel” like it…when your tired, cranky, and, and, and.

It means doing all that you know to do and bringing everything you are responsible for to the table (and sometimes then some), even when others aren’t holding up their end of the deal, disagreeing with you, persecuting you, or throwing you under the bus. It means bringing things into the light that others might let go. There is a reason God sends us into certain scenarios or settings.

“If the salt loses its sting, it is no longer good for anything.” – Chuck Swindoll

…The closer we get to God, the more sensitive we are to the atmosphere around us. Makes sense, right? Abiding in Him ideally would breed the fruits of the Spirit (ref. Gal. 5:22-23). So, if we are in Him, growing deeper in Him, loving Him…guess what? That means our spiritual senses awaken also. There will be things that we encounter or come into contact with in our daily routines that will be glaringly obvious that something is not right here. Something is off.

Sometimes, it takes us a while to see it…other times, something clicks immediately and it’s like a radar sets off. Sometimes we are called to take a step back and sometimes God will call us to action. And if we don’t do anything, peace will soon elude us until we do.

In scripture, we see Esther breaking protocol to go to the King (Ref. Esther 5). I mean, really? She couldn’t even go to her own husband unannounced? She risked her own life for the sake of an entire population. Esther didn’t politely request a meeting with the King, she blazed a fiery trail through the proper social norms of her day knowing fully well that she could literally lose her life at a moment’s notice. The result saved her entire Jewish people in the land of Persia and brought into the light an evil that was immediately disposed of (ref. Esther 7).

Think it not strange if God asks you to do the same. One simple act of obedience on our part could cause a ripple effect of transformation that when all is said and done, you look back in complete awe an amazement knowing that move could only be the work of our AWESOME God!

How different history would have been written if she had decided to stay in the “safe-end”. And how was it that she was protected through it all?…favor…God gave her the supernatural favor to do what He asked of her even in a situation where she had the potential to lose it all.

And the same is true for us… when God is asking us to bring something into the light, He will give us the supernatural protection, grace, and favor that we need to deliver Truth. Even in situations where boundaries seem impermeable and the red tape is so thick, you need a machete to cut through it. Things that seem impossible to conquer immediately dissolve at the touch of His hand. Even when everyone is wondering how you did it, when noone else will stand up, or worse, when you are ridiculed for standing up or one attempts to intimidate you out of it…we find favor where we never thought we could or would and we are reminded that He is in control.

We are the salt…if we are His…we can expect at some point that we will come across a situation that screams, “hey, hey, over here!” and God will ask us to represent matter how daunting. And one act of obedience on our part could breathe life into an entire atmosphere.

But…He promises to go with us and gives us the supernatural ability to not only face it, but to carry it out.

And this is one call we can’t ignore. Bravery does not come by lack of fear, but is manifested through a meek spirit that says, “Lord, I’m afraid, but I know you are in control and so I will step out boldly, knowing that though I am weak, YOU are STRONG.”…and watch that mustard seed spread like wildfire!


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