Restoration Decoration!

OK, so in an attempt to write something super spiritually “nutritious”, I discovered it best to save those bits for a rainy day and give a nod to the more tactile creative side. (read: “I need a break!”)

So last summer, walking home from breakfast with some lovely friends, I discovered this little ditty at a yard sale at the shabby chic thrift shop 2 doors down from my place.


    Desk - Before 1

         Desk - Before 3

The best part? It was a steal for just $20! And that included the glass top! And they even carried down the street for me. I tell ya, what a morning: great breakfast, great friends, great find, great Provision! It’s simple moments like these that I am reminded of God’s great Love and Providence. Don’t see the connection? It’s in the details…God knows our needs.

So, now comes the fun part! Transformation!

First I sanded the sucker…and sanded, and sanded, and sanded *cough, excuse me, I’m choking on dust, and sanded.

Then I spray-painted the top with mirrored spray paint. (Which, btw, the stuff goes everywhere…everywhere. My wonderful idea was to do this inside thinking it would be contained, which it was….to the floors, to the table, to the walls, to my feet..oops! Luckily it was just a very light dust residue which came up easily with floor cleaner. (Umm, just spray paint outside before you bring it in! Easier than drop cloths, drop curtains, etc.)

Okay, so after waiting for it to dry, we get this!


I love how it came out like an old antique mirror and it’s even prettier in person. I took a razor blade to the glass top to remove all of the bits of paint, glue, etc. from its previous life.

Then I painted the whole desk black, traced some stencils, painted over the pencil marks free-hand and voila…




All in all, I think it turned out decent. Although, now as I’m looking at this, I realized I forgot about the drawer pulls….crap…good thing I’m going back to the hardware store to get fixings for my next project! hehe

side table

To be continued…


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