Living Water

Scratch that. I guess I am about to jump into a cold lake after all…for Jesus!

Tomorrow…I administer my first baptism and the best part? By the request of a friend. She was also nominated for the cold water challenge and decided to take it deeper.

“Do you feel you are prepared”, words by First Lady when I asked her and my Pastor if it would be okay to forego my Worship duties at church for this very precious cause.

…am I prepared?…

Are we ever really prepared? As Pastor so often says, you can prepare as much as you want, but when God wants to have His way, He has His way!

“Yes”, I answered. All Scripture, teachings, and knowledge aside…I am prepared…for the Holy Spirit to MOVE.

So, tomorrow, I step into that cold water (and eat my own words, by the way, hehe), and allow myself to feel afresh the rush of the Holy Spirit in the form of that healing water. That water of Baptism which brings fire.


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