For the Birds…

I have a bird living on my porch….”What’s the big deal?”, one might ask. Well, it’s pretty significant in light of several things.

I have been praying for peace to infiltrate different situations and circumstances. When it seems nothing is going right, I am at my wit’s end, and my prayer’s aren’t getting through, that’s usually when God steps in to move the most…I’m still waiting.

Last week was powerful with National Day of Prayer. A bunch of us came together to petition the Lord for change. I had the very humbling responsibility of ushering in the Holy Spirit and “tilling the ground” to make ready the atmosphere for our prayers to not only be heard, but to be effective. We lifted up a couple of songs and went into ceremony in prayer. It was such a beautiful day and ended the next day with a beautiful night of Worship. And God just breathed it all in like a pleasing aroma. A few are already seeing change. That night, a man’s broken finger was healed with a prayer…completely, to the point where he could take his cast off and make a fist. It even poured down rain around us, but the courtyard stayed dry. Only God can do it!

I was elated. Operating in my true calling to bring His presence down to earth (although, it was far from perfect), gathered together with brothers and sisters in Christ who are also dedicated to the Lord and surrendering my heart and soul to Him in Worship.

So, of course, true to form, the enemy is ticked. And as a Worshipper, we are one of the first to feel it because we are in the front-lines. What does that look like? Miscommunications, misunderstanding, misconceptions, discord, chaos, confusion, etc.

I know what you’re thinking…what does a bird have to do with any of this? Well, this bird just so happens to be a DOVE. Even more significant is that she is always there, ALWAYS. She doesn’t fly away when I open my door or pass by. She even looks at me when I talk to her. I just love that at the point where circumstances seem the most unruly, God sends a dove to live on my porch…like she’s standing guard, reminding me that the Peace (capital “P”) is still there. Granted the way I noticed she was even there in the first place was that one of her babies fell out of the nest (to which I thought, “I will ignore this and it will go away”…which it did…only to be brought back the next day with half of its guts ripped out by the cat next door. So, then, I thought, “I will ignore this again, and it will go away again“…and it did), but that’s not the point. I got to see the other baby learn how to fly, which at first seemed like it, too, fell out of the nest…but then I realized she must have pushed him…because it was his time to fly…hmm…

So, I expected her to fly the coop when her baby did, but she’s still there and she’s not afraid. I’m hoping that if I continue to talk to her and sing to her, she will eventually fly to me. (My cousin likened this to “The Happy Working Song” from the movie Enchanted. Oh, he teases me so.)…

…maybe it’s my time to fly, too…


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