Reflections: Lost & Found

angel watches over

Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! I found my old blog! I was sick at heart to think I’d lost some precious pieces of my history, but now I realize…maybe God was waiting on the perfect time to reveal them…a time when reflection would mean more than just a walk down memory lane. To have the courage to embrace the past and walk boldly toward a very nearing future…

Sidenote: I think I used to write a whole heck of a lot better…but…I would like to share a few now…

…I give you, “live and breath” (no wonder I couldn’t find it, how the heck did I come up with that name anyway? lol)

“All That Glitters”:

“Sing Out, Louise!”:

“Peace Cometh” (okay, I am admittedly cracking up at my choice for this title, how dramatic!):

“Forfeiting to Win” (on love):

“Rebuilding Faith”:

“What’s Left Unspoken”:

…hmm, okay….interesting….now I’m sad….I miss that person. Maybe she just grew up.


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