And so it ends

wishes2014…where did it go? I feel like I was just in my flip-flops yesterday. And yet, here we are…another year has gone by seemingly in the blink of an eye. Truth be told, I’m grateful for that, circumstantially.

Moving on, I’m keeping this one short and sweet.

So, the year came and went…promises made, and broken…resolutions attempted and abandoned…still one thing remains…

…how well did you love?

We look at love as something that should be easy…it’s not. It’s just not. And we group loyalty in with the belief that our loyalty must be demonstrated at all costs. I’m not talking about being a constant in the life of a person who doesn’t want you there to the point of illness….And I’m not talking about the doormat kind of love that is so often mistaken for loyalty in the eyes of an abuser.

I’m talking about our own hearts’ motives…how well did you love?

Did you take the time to reach out or did you wait and expect everyone to come to you?

Did you only accept a person when they were doing what you wanted or believed they should be doing or did you take the time to actually get to know them, show an interest in their life, and take the time to invest enough to get an accurate view of their life first-hand, so you could understand them better instead of looking at the surface?

Did you defend their character in their absence or did you choose to listen to the speculations and stories of others?

Did you listen to the pleas of those around you or choose pride instead?

…We all fall short in some way. None of us is perfect at loving.

But we all know the pain of when it is absent or immature.

No simple remedy…or quick fix…learning how to love well is a journey…that can only be taken by experience. We cannot learn how to love by ourselves…the test is in the fire…in the way that gold is purified.

And so it starts…2015 is fast approaching…fresh start on so many levels..

…how well will we love…?


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