Midnight Ponder: Breath of God


Okay, so once again…instead of doing this…I really should be working on my book…or fleshing out the plethora of lyrics I’ve come up with into songs…or finishing my devotionals for today. But no, here I sit…tea in hand…inspiration bunny-trail at the forefront.

To preface, I have deemed today the “Day of Food”…beautiful, anointed Worship followed by Ernest Angley Buffet with church family (no, I am not kidding…interesting jewel in Cuyahoga Falls…and yum), back home to meet wifi fixers, and back out again to said church family’s home for taco bar (including homemade plantains, gauc, and some other yummies). Hence, the now cup of tea which will mostly like keep me up a good part of the night, but I digress. Anyway, beautiful day…and I am so prone lately to shy away from crowds or social settings with new people in my life and just spend Sundays by myself or with one other friend or family member.

So, I’m sitting here mindlessly checking Pinterest, which is a habit of mine to help shut down my brain before bed and I suddenly become very aware of my breath…my breathing.

And then I remember it isn’t mine…

 “…then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground,[b] and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.” (Gen. 2:7)

One of my devotionals this week covered the above passage in Genesis. It spoke of how the man did not become alive until AFTER receiving the breath of God…or God’s spirit as is “RUACH” the original Hebrew scripture text meaning…something worth pondering…we don’t come alive until AFTER God breathes into us.

Think about that…God’s own breath!…and He gives it…he shares it with us! And then we come to life.  Oh, is that breath LIFE to a weary soul and a dry and parched spirit!

So, I’m sitting here thinking how natural and fluid that breath is…that we don’t have to think about it…it’s just there. And God gave it to us!  

Do you see the significance there? We don’t have to think about it…it’s just there

If a source from God so very vital to life is that involuntary…wouldn’t that apply to other things in life, too?

We spend so much of our time fretting about where a needed “something” will come from…finances, security, support, etc.

But I believe that if we can breathe God’s own breath without trying…we can trust Him to give those other “much neededs” in much the same fashion…

…because everything else comes from Him, too.



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