Reflections: The Impossible Dream


Hand Of God

I don’t know why…I don’t know how…but here I am yet again…writing about something that has nothing to do with the novel I SHOULD BE FINISHING, lol. Now I know why authors say that books they wrote were years in the making…writer’s block, other creative ideas that seem to have an urgent “do it now” nature to them, music, tea, etc.

I also think I may have better insight into why creative people are more inclined to be introverts…You have to be alone long enough to let ideas emerge to the surface…and longer still to flesh those ideas out. Side-note to married people: God will surely pair you with someone who understands this or is compatible to you in that way…doesn’t mean they have to be exactly like you, but will mesh with you in a way that this will not interfere with your covenant relationship; assuming you are honoring your vows and making your spouse a priority.

So the purpose of this post…

I was thinking about this current chapter of life and realized something.

Parents…encourage your child’s natural giftings. This is crucial to their development and direction in life and I’ll tell you why.

From the time I was a young child, it was clear that I had a tendency to be more creative…always singing from the time I was 3, dancing around in a tutu and my aunt’s high heels, ballet, making people laugh, you name it. My parents encouraged this until I got older…concerned that if I didn’t choose something more business-oriented, I would not be a success….the irony of that is your kids won’t be a success if they are forced into something they’ll end up hating.

Long story short, what God has built inside of us cannot be killed…it can be stuffed down for a while…but inevitably will rise back up to the surface…because we can’t kill our passions.

We can avoid them for a time, push them in a corner, pretend they don’t exist and try to pursue other paths, but eventually they will find their way back to the top because they are ingrained in us…part of our DNA. We cannot deny who God has made us to be because it is WHO WE ARE.

So, now I find myself in a season where I can embrace those things as God has given the permission that I didn’t have before as a child. And I believe my mother has come to realize also the importance of those things also and is supportive. God truly does redeem all things. I can’t blame her…she was doing what she thought was best at the time, not realizing the effect it would have.

Why am I sharing this…

Those of us who are called to ministry understand that it’s not our false (and might I add quite arrogant) sense of perfection that will speak to and help others. It’s our testimonies and trials…our willingness to share the times that we have been broken and saw God’s redemption.

We don’t learn from perfect people…more accurately, people who think they are perfect…because perfect people don’t exist. Even if it looks good on paper outwardly; inside your heart can be a discriminating mess…we learn from those who have experienced “failure” and lived to tell about it. We learn from our own mistakes…otherwise it’s just head knowledge and not in our hearts.

Parents, don’t stifle your children’s natural-born, God-given gifts in the hopes that you can mold them into something you deem more acceptable. God wove them they way He did because the world needs what only we can give!


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